General information about company formation in Latvia:

  • Benefits
  • Key regulatory conditions
  • Main legal types of companies
  • Requirements to share capital
  • Key information on taxes

Business tasks that can be solved by forming a company in Latvia:

  • Legally optimise taxes
  • Protect intangible assets
  • Facilitate trade with European and international clients
  • Serve as a holding company
  • Hold real estate and movable assets
  • Obrain residence permit in Latvia

Answers on quesitons about opening a company in Latvia

On this page we provide answers on questions related to opening a company in Latvia that our Clients ask us.

The content of this page does not correspond to one in Russian or Latvian, since we publish here the questions received and answered on English and do not translate questions received in other languages.

If you are discussing possibilities to open a company in Latvia, the easiest way would be to contact us and ask your questions via e-mail or using the contact form.

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Company registration

What is the procedure of the company incorporation?

There are three options for company incorporation in Latvia depending on your wishes:


You visit Riga to sign registration documents and pay in share capital. After the company is registered, your will need to visit the bank to activate temporary bank account.

1 day in Riga

You visit Riga for one business day in order to sign registration documents and pay in share capital to a temporary bank account of your company to be registered and visits the bank to complete formalities for bank account activation.


You approve your signature on the company registration documents at a notary in your country and send the documents to us by mail. You pay in share capital in the company's temporary bank account that we open on your behalf in a Latvian bank. We arrange for translation and notary approval of the registration documents and submit them to the Latvian Enterprise Register.

You can look at more detailed procedure on our web site:

What are the fees which are obligatory for incorporation + additional servicies?

The fees for incorporation of company are as follows:

Standard – EUR 890 + EUR 275 rent of legal address for one year. Total – EUR 1,165.

1 day in Riga – EUR 1,150 + EUR 275 rent of legal address for one year. Total – EUR 1,425.

Remotely – EUR 1,500 + EUR 275 rent of legal address for one year. Total – EUR 1,775.


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