Signature certification

The Enterprise Register signature certification order has been changed.

From 1 July 2015 a new procedure came into force for verifying the signatures in Enterprise Register Riga regional branch. Now the signature certification will only take place after the previous appointment for a certain time.
You can apply calling by the information phone or in person at the Enterprise Register Riga regional branch. You can apply for the service no later than 2 calendar weeks before the service reception. Also you must remember that the information in the Enterprise Register must be submitted within 14 days from the date of the decision (in accordance with Article 16 of the Commercial Law). In case if the Commercial Register’s offered service date for certification takes more than 2 calendar week time, it is worth to certify the signature at the sworn notary office or to sign documents electronically with a secure electronic signature.
Before applying for certification of a signature, you need to indicate:
• the name of the company;
• registration number;
• number of persons who will be a certifying the signatures;
• phone number.

You need to come to the Register of Enterprises 10 minutes before the appointment time to the information center customer service hall.  

Information obtained from the Register of Enterprises webpage.