Ready-made company in Latvia

Benefits of ready-made companies in Latvia

There are several cases when instead of company formation in Latvia, a purchase of ready-made company is required. Some of the most common cases can be listed as follows:

  • Urgency. A significant business deal should be concluded and company requisites should be provided or invoices should be issued to a business partner ASAP.
  • Image and credibility. Often, recently registered companies look not reliable to conduct business with. Purchase of a company registered some time ago allows to create reliable image.
  • Compliance with formal requirements. In some cases when applying for government grants or contracts, as well as bank loans there may be formal requirements to company age or existence of previous business activities.

Mini Office assistance in purchase of ready-made company in Latvia

We can offer you to purchase ready-made companies that best suit your needs:

  • ready-made companies without previous activity;
  • companies with previous working history;
  • companies with full paid-in share capital;
  • companies with or without VAT number;
  • companies registered as micro company taxpayers (micro company).

Mini Office offers a full range of professional business support services and assistance in selling or purchasing a company:

  • preparation of sales-purchase agreement;
  • preparation of legal documents for registration of changes in shareholders, board members, name, legal address, etc., in the Latvian Enterprise Register;
  • arranging for notarial authentication of signatures;
  • submission of documents to the Latvian Enterprise Register;
  • assistance in opening current account in Latvian banks, if required.
  • provision of legal address (company’s business address), if required.

Prices for ready-made companies in Latvia

Please refer to our price list for costs related to purchase of ready-made company in Latvia.