Company Formation in Lithuania

Key conditions for company registration in Lithuania

  1. Share capital in the amount of at least EUR 2,000 should be paid at registration of the company;
  2. A member of the Board, who could also be a non-resident of Estonia should be designated;
  3. A legal address should be chosen. If needed, we can provide you with a legal address.

Duration of company registration process

Company registration process takes up to 5 days.

Expenses on company registration

  • Fees for company registration, including preparation of documents, provision of legal address, state duties: EUR 750.
  • Minimal share capital: EUR 2,000.

Company registration process

Founder of a company will need to visit Lithuania two times. During the first visit, the founder of the company will need to open a temporary bank account on the name of the company to be registered, pay in the account share capital and sign registration documents that will be submitted to Estonian Enterprise Register. During the second visit, he will receive registration documents and activate bank account.

Required information

  1. Company name, or choose from existing company names;
  2. Data on the company owner (passport copy and residence address);
  3. Data on the company’s member of the Board (passport copy and residence address);
  4. Legal address;
  5. Specific requirements for company registration, if any.