General information about company formation in Latvia:

  • Benefits
  • Key regulatory conditions
  • Main legal types of companies
  • Requirements to share capital
  • Key information on taxes

Business tasks that can be solved by forming a company in Latvia:

  • Legally optimise taxes
  • Protect intangible assets
  • Facilitate trade with European and international clients
  • Serve as a holding company
  • Hold real estate and movable assets
  • Obrain residence permit in Latvia
Company Formation Latvia

Company Registration in Latvia
without visiting Latvia

You approve your signature on the company registration documents at a notary in your country and send the documents to us by mail. We arrange for translation of these documents and submit them to the Latvian Enterprise Register. Afther the comany regisration you open a bank account in your country`s bank or in a Latvian bank. (Remote opening of a bank account in Latvian bank is possible not in all countries.)

Registration duration: 3 weeks

After you provide us all information required and pay for the company registration, it will take us 2 business days to prepare the registration document package. We will e-mail you the company incorporation decision that you need to sign and mail to us. At the same time we will apply for opening of the bank account. It may take the bank up to 10 business days to complete all their client acceptance formalities, but usually they do it faster. After we receive the company incorporation decision we will open a temporary bank account and you will pay in the share capital. Then we will e-mail you the rest of company incorporation documents. You will need to approve your signature on the company incorporation documents at a notary in your country and mail them back to us. When we receive the company incorporation documents, we will submit the to the Latvian Enterprise Register that will take the decision on company incorporation in 5 business days.

It is possible to register a company in Latvia faster. In this case you will need to visit Riga for 1 day in order to sign company reigstration documents and open the bank account.

Your presence in Riga: Not required

We will e-mail you all company incorporation documents and you will approve your signature at a notary in your country and mail them back to us. You will need to meet with a bank representative in your country in order to open the bank account. This option is available only in countries, where Latvian banks have their representative offieces or agents.

You will know the number of the company's bank account on the first day, when you pay in the share capital. From that day you can provide the company's requisites to your business partners and receive money on the account. You will be able to access the money on the account after the company is registered and activate the account by visiting the bank.


Residents of Latvia
Private person

EUR 1,150

Residents of Latvia
Legal person

EUR 1,450

Non-residents of Latvia

EUR 1,500


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The prices above include VAT 21% where applicable. VAT is not applicable for non-residents legal persons. You will be able to recover the VAT if your company will be registered as VAT payer.



  • consultation about Company formation process;
  • preparation of registration documents;
  • preparation of application for VAT registration;
  • opening of temperary bank account;
  • submission of the documents to the Latvian Enterprise Register;
  • submission of documents the bank in order to activate bank accunt.


  • translation and notarial authentication of the translation of the company incorporation documents;
  • state duty;
  • obligatory publication in the Latvian official newspaper "Latvijas Vestnesis".

Not included:


  • notarial approval of your signature on the company incorporation documents in your country;
  • courier expenses;
  • rent of legal address;
  • bank account opening charges (will be deducted by the bank from the account);
  • accounting services.

Information required for the company registration

The following information is required for company registration in Latvia:

  • company name;
  • data on shareholders (for private persons - passport copy and residence address, for legal persons - company name, country of incorporation, registration number, legal address);
  • share capital amount and split between the shareholders;
  • data on members of the Board and their rights to represent the company (separately or together) - passport copy and residence address;
  • legal address (we can provide legal address with mail processing services, if required);
  • brief description of the company’s business.

Description of the Company registration procedure

  1. You apply for company registration and send us a copy of your passport.
  2. We clarify details and prepare registration documents.
  3. You pay our invoice for assistance in company registration in Latvia.
  4. We e-mail you for signing company foundation decision.
  5. You sign the company foundation decision and mail it to us.
  6. We open a temporary bank account and advice you its requisits.
  7. You wire to the company's temporary bank account the amount of share capital.
  8. We e-mail you the registration documents.
  9. You approve at a notary your signatures on the company registration documents and mail them to us.
  10. We submit the company registration documents to the Latvian Enterprise Register.
  11. The Latvian Enterprise Register takes decision on the company reigistration during 5 working days.
  12. If you reside in a country were a Latvian bank has its representatives, we inform the bank on the company registration completion, and the bank activates the account. Also, the bank mails you access codes to the internet-bank. In cases, when this is not possible, you open a bank account in your conuntry. In this case, at some stage you will need to visit riga in order to activate the temporary bank account and get access to the amount of share capital paid in.

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