General information about company formation in Latvia:

  • Benefits
  • Key regulatory conditions
  • Main legal types of companies
  • Requirements to share capital
  • Key information on taxes

Business tasks that can be solved by forming a company in Latvia:

  • Legally optimise taxes
  • Protect intangible assets
  • Facilitate trade with European and international clients
  • Serve as a holding company
  • Hold real estate and movable assets
  • Obrain residence permit in Latvia

Requisites for payment of state duties

Maksājumu rekvizītu uzņēmumu dibināšanai

Requisites for payment of state duties that are required for registration of a company or changes in a company in Latvian Enterprise Register are as follows.

State duties in Latvian Enterprise Register

Benefitiary: Vaksts kase
Registration Nr.: 90000050138
Benefitiary's bank: Vaksts kase
Bank SEIFT code: TRELLV22
Benefitiary's bank account: LV84TREL1060190913200

Payment for obligatory publication in Latvian official newspaper “Latvijas Vestnesis"

Benefitiary: VSIA “Latvijas Vestnesis"
Registration Nr.: 40003113794
Benefitiary's bank: AS SEB Banka AS Swedbank
Benefitiary's bank account: LV56UNLA0002100609196 LV31HABA0551027727297

State duties and mandatory publication in Latvian official newspaper “Latvijas Vestnesis” can be paid before the documents submission to the Latvian Enterprise Register or by a payment card at the time of submission of the documents.


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